Damage Assessment Instructions

1. Once you have begun filling out the damage assessment, you have 5 days (120 hours) to complete the form. After the 5 day period, you will be locked out and will no longer be able to access the form. The form will automatically be submitted to Campus View management for review.
2. You will receive an email receipt of the damage assessment form. We suggest that you save this for future reference.
3. You and your roommates have equal access to this damage assessment form. You are responsible for making it as complete as possible. You are equally responsible for any damages in the unit. It is in your best interest to assess damages in all rooms when you perform the inspection.
4. Do not fill out the form with unnecessary fill words such as 'fine' or 'N/A' as this makes it difficult to read for the Campus View staff. If an item is undamaged or not in your unit, leave the space blank.
5. Damage assessment descriptions must be very specific. If the space is filled in with a description such as 'marks on walls' we don't know where or what you are talking about. You must include specific location, size, color, type, etc. so that we can avoid charging you upon move out. E.g. 'black scuff mark north wall 3" long' or 'brown stain 4" diameter northwest corner of living room'.
6. Shower curtains are provided to you upon moving in. If you do not have a shower curtain, submit a work order on it immediately and we will install one for you. Upon move out, you will be charged for a new shower curtain if you have not put in an appropriate neutral colored shower curtain liner (new) in to replace the one that is moldy or damaged.
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